Hi folks,

We are pleased to receive good news about our alumni for the year 2016:

Outstanding performance at 2015 A-Level Examinations

4 H2 Distinctions

Herh Peng Leng (MJC 2015, class of 4E1 2013)

3 H2 Distinctions

Chrystal Tan Ai Peng (MJC 2015, class of 4E1 2013)

Huang Wanting (MJC 2015, class of 4E3 2013)

Lee Ming En (TPJC 2015, class of 4E1 2013)

Lewin Sim Le Wei (MJC 2015, class of 4E3 2015)

Tan Yuan Qi (MJC 2015, class of 4E1 2015)

Our heartiest congratulations to our alumni! Well done, and keep up the good work as you forge ahead!



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