Our Identity


a. To cultivate a sense of loyalty and belonging to the school.
b. To provide platforms for interaction between former and current BGSS students.
c. To hone leadership skills and provide opportunities for leading programmes amongst members through activities organised.


  • To nurture current students through interaction between them and alumni.
  • To provide a means of connection between BGSS students, alumni and teachers.
  • To cater to the needs of identified students‚Äô segments in the school.

Vision: Believe, Grow & Contribute.

Believe, Grow & Contribute: The committee has incorporated BGSS’s motto, which is to believe and grow. The BGSS alumni have benefited from the school belief in all students, ability to grow holistically. Hence, the alumni would like to contribute back to the school and bring it to greater heights.

Values: TIES

Sagacious (showing intelligence, wisdom & good judgement)